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B.A. the Warrior
Press Kit

Produced on
June 20th, 2024

B.A. Warrior is a Gospel rap artist who spread the word of Christ, give his testimony, and shed light of this Spiritual war through rap music. There are demons that desire to fight us daily. There are demons that presides over drugs, alcohol, suicide, poverty and other strongholds that wants to battle us daily. The battle of this war can take place in the mind, the streets in everyday life or through other if they allow the enemy to use them. We as Christians need to be heavily involved in this war, and fight because we battle for lost souls. B.A. Warrior sheds light of this spiritual war as he take the gospel to the streets and offer Christ.


B.A. Warrior is an Atlanta-based gospel rap artist on a mission to encourage others to power through their life’s trials and tribulations and to Be A Warrior for God. The Los Angeles-raised Terrence Lonon began his music career in 1992 as a secular rapper during his military career. Soon thereafter, with this lifestyle, Terrence found himself amidst his first spiritual war between the influences of drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until 1996 that he accepted Jesus Christ into his life as lord and savior and felt a calling to gospel rap ministry in 1999. B.A Warrior is a veteran of the U.S. Armed forces including the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. During the beginning of his musical career, he served during operations such as Continue Hope in Somalia (as depicted in the film Black Hawk Down), the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) and in additional operations of conflict involving the United States during the late 1990s. God was grooming B.A. Warrior for war at an early age to be an influencer in this spiritual war. B.A. Warrior currently works full-time as a paramedic in the Eagle Butte, SD area. “Jesus save lives, I’m just a paramedic lending a hand” says the warrior. Through his music, B.A. Warrior continues his witness and give his testimony to empower others through their own spiritual warfare. Through his lyrical ministry, training in music and true grit, B.A. Warrior performs to show others how to tap into their spiritual weapons and aims to rally soldiers for Christ.



Audio Tracks

The Reason I praise

This track explains the reason that God has given me to dance. The Bible says in 2 Samuel 6:14 that David danced before the Lord with all his might. It was because of what God did for David that caused David to dance. God delivered me from a life of crime, drugs addiction and that street life. This is the reason God has given me to dance. What has God done in your life to cause you to dance?

Listen to it here.

Glory to God

Glory to God is a track that gives God the glory for all that he has brought me through. He has brought me through three wars as a U.S. Marine, through addictions and through being a thug running the streets. Glory to God is my song giving him the glory for that.

Listen to it here.

Rise up

This track gives my testimony of how God has taken me through some most difficult times when i was at my lowest time in life and caused me to Rise up out of those situations. He cause me to Rise through addiction, 3 combat zone and he's still has me Rising up

Listen to it here.

Feel so right